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4👑☸UPED   → pari-mukha   🔬details     (⤴)

pari-mukha = in-front

1. literal context, in vinaya, refers to spatial location in front of person, such as facial or chest hair.
2. figurative context in sitting meditation:
* pari-mukha = main priority.
* what is 'in-front' of you is the 'main priority'.
* tackle head on what's 'in-front' of you.
* move that task to the front of the line.

pari-mukhaṃ satiṃ upaṭṭhapetvā

✅Make sati establishment your "main priority".
⛔It does not mean focus on physical spatial area around-your-mouth, as Theravada wrongly interprets this in 16 APS breath meditation context.

STED sitting meditation, remove 5niv

vivittaṃ senāsanaṃ bhajati
(a) secluded lodging (they) frequent -
araññaṃ rukkha-mūlaṃ
(the) wilderness, (a) tree-root,
pabbataṃ kandaraṃ
(a) hill, (a) ravine,
giri-guhaṃ susānaṃ
(a) mountain-cave, (a) cemetary,
vanapatthaṃ abbhokāsaṃ
(a) forest, (the) open-air,
(a) straw-heap.
So pacchā-bhattaṃ
** After-(the)-meal,
(from) alms-round -- (they)-return,
nisīdati pallaṅkaṃ ābhujitvā
sit down, (into) cross-legged-posture (they) bend,
ujuṃ kāyaṃ paṇidhāya
straightened body (they) aspire (to),
In-front [, making this the main priority],
satiṃ upaṭṭhapetvā.
[☸Dharma]-remembrance (they) establish.
So abhijjhaṃ loke pahāya
(1) ** avarice (for the) world (they) remove,
vigat'-ābhijjhena cetasā viharati,
rid-(of)-avarice (in the) mind (they) dwell,
abhijjhāya cittaṃ parisodheti.
avarice (in the) mind (they) cleanse.
Byāpādapa-dosaṃ pahāya
(2) ill-will-&-hatred (they) remove,
a-byāpanna-citto viharati
(with a) non-ill-will-mind (they) dwell,
(for) all-living-beings-(they have)-compassion,
byāpādapa-dosā cittaṃ parisodheti.
ill-will-&-hatred (from) mind (they) cleanse.
Thina-middhaṃ pahāya
(3) sloth-&-torpor (they) remove,
vigata-thina-middho viharati
rid-of-sloth-&-torpor (they) dwell,
luminosity-(they are)-perceiving,
sato sampajāno,
rememberful (and) lucidly-discerning,
thina-middhā cittaṃ parisodheti.
sloth-&-torpor (from the) mind (they) cleanse.
Uddhacca-kukkuccaṃ pahāya
(4) restlessness-&-remorse (they) remove,
an-uddhato viharati,
without-restlessness (they) dwell,
ajjhattaṃ vūpasanta-citto,
internally (with) peaceful-mind,
Uddhacca-kukkuccā cittaṃ parisodheti.
restlessness-&-remorse (from the) mind (they) cleanse.
Vicikicchaṃ pahāya
(5) Doubt (they) remove,
tiṇṇa-vicikiccho viharati,
gone-beyond-doubt, (they) dwell,
a-kathaṅkathī kusalesu dhammesu,
not-undecided (about what is) skillful ☸Dharma,
vicikicchāya cittaṃ parisodheti.
doubt (from the) mind (they) cleanse.

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