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Body & synonyms in Pāli

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1. a heap, collection, group.
2. the physical body



1. [visible]-form that is seen with the eye (cakkhuna rupam disva)
2. in 12ps its link preceding 6aya, sala-ayatana (six sense bases) which include kāya the physical body
3. in meditation context rūpa is often the anatomical body, built of 4 great elements



physical body, corpse


Mind/Body dichotomy

DN 2 from 4th jhana, 4 elements meditation and mind made body power carefully differentiate kaya, rupa, citta, etc.
DN 15 7 planes of consciousness, beings below brahma realm described in terms of kaya
SN 12.61 and SN 12.62 kaya of 4 elements vs. mind of citta, mano, vinnana
SN 22.95 lump of foam simile: body of kaya + rupa contrasted against lifeforce and vinnana separated at death
SN 36.11 passaddhi applies to a kaya for the 4 jhanas only! 🔗audit:proof Does not get used to refer to mind only arupa 'bodies'.
🔗simile of ruler
🔗Example of Abhidhamma overriding Buddha's ruler, 3rd jhana
audit: 🔗Buddha making distinction between physical body and mind
🔗B. Brahmali murders kaya in 16aps. In 4sp🐘 and 16🌬️😤‍ which is a version of 4sp, the 1st frame kaya has the dichotomy with the 3rd frame citta, and the 2nd frame vedana straddles both body and mind.



by default vedana/experienced-sensations, feelings, originate from the physical

Article on mind body connection by Peter Harvey.

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