4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

👑8☸ → 4🏃 Sammā-kammanto


STED Sammā-kammanto

“katamo ca, bhikkhave, sammā-kammanto? yā kho, bhikkhave,
What **, *********, is right action?
Pāṇā-atipātā veramaṇī,
Life-attacking(, killing); abstaining (from it)
Adinnā-dānā veramaṇī,
stealing; abstaining (from it)
A-brahmacariyā veramaṇī —
Un-chastity; abstaining (from it)
ayaṃ vuccati, bhikkhave, sammā-kammanto.
This is called, *********, right action.
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1. Pāṇā-atipātā veramaṇī

Life-attacking(, killing); abstaining (from it)

2. Adinnā-dānā veramaṇī

stealing; abstaining (from it)

3. A-brahmacariya veramani

Un-chastity; abstaining (from it)
AN 3.107 Ruṇṇa: wailing: in ariya's vinaya, singing=wailing, dancing=madness, laughing excessively = childish behavior
AN 5.210 five benefits of sleeping with S&S (sati and sampajano)
prevent emission of semen
MN 41 expands a little bit on these 3 fold right action.

For lay people, instead of A-brahmacariya, Kāmesu-micchā-cāraṃ pahāya

MN 41: They don’t have sexual relations with women who have their mother, father, both mother and father, brother, sister, relatives, or clan as guardian. They don’t have sexual relations with a woman who is protected on principle, or who has a husband, or whose violation is punishable by law, or even one who has been garlanded as a token of betrothal.

Karma and Rebirth

♾️👶🏃 kamma and rebirth
MN 129 Bāla-paṇḍita: the fool & the pundit: what type of karma leads to animal, insect, hell rebirth, or wheel turning monarch, heaven, etc.
MN 130 King Yama and divine messengers
MN 135 basic workings of karma
MN 136 more detailed and nuanced workings of karma

Fortune favors the virtuous

Fortune favors the virtuous: True stories of karma, rebirth, illustrating karmic fruit ripening, often in dramatic and extraordinary fashion.


SN 55.7 🔗does Buddhism have a golden rule, silver rule, or neither?
🔗Which is worse karmic consequence? Knowingly doing something evil, or unknowingly doing something evil?

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