4nt→8aam #2: Sammā-saṅkappo

8aam #2: Sammā-saṅkappo


STED Sammā-saṅkappo: Definitions and other general info
Vitakka and Vicāra in 1st Jhāna : saṅkappo often used synonymously with Vitakka.

3x3 strategy

At 3am, wake up to battle the 3am (3 akusala mula roughly parallels 3 parts of right-resolve) using the 3 tools in AN 3.16 (guarding sense doors, proper eating, proper sleep schedule)

4x4 strategy

attack formation of your 4pd army: 1. 4bv all close with statement abyapajja viharati, 4bv fits neatly under abyapajja-samkappo. 2. thoughts connected with 4NT are fruit of right view -> right intention (SN 56.7) 3. 4pd constantly purify intention, AN 4.14 especially, and AN 4.12 in all 4 postures 4. 4ip is how 4pd purifies samma samadhi's 4th jhana to penetrate 4NT.


Kāma-vitakka: Public enemy #1. The opposite to nekkhamma-sankappo. Closely related to kama-chanda (of 5niv), Kama-raga, kama-tanha (the cause of suffering in 4NT).