4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

4👑☸ → §1. Dukkha 💩

§1. Pain-(&-Suffering) 苦

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SN 56.11 : saṃkhittena pañc-upādānak-khandhā dukkhā.
In-short, (the) five-clinging-aggregates (are) suffering.

5uk = 💩

1. rūpaṃ (form)
2. vedanā (experienced-sensations)
3. saññā (perceptions)
4. saṅ-khārā (co-doings)
5. viññāṇaṃ (consciousness)

SN 56.14 first noble truth expressed as 6 internal sense bases

(instead of standard 5uk) “katamañca, bhikkhave, dukkhaṃ ariyasaccaṃ? ‘cha ajjhattikāni āyatanānī’ tissa vacanīyaṃ. katamāni cha? cakkh-āyatanaṃ, sot-āyatanaṃ, ghān-āyatanaṃ, jivh-āyatanaṃ, kāy-āyatanaṃ, man-āyatanaṃ. — idaṃ vuccati, bhikkhave, dukkhaṃ ariyasaccaṃ.

AN 4.14 six sense bases operating

cakkhunā rūpaṃ disvā | With-the-eye, [visible]-form (he) sees.
sotena saddaṃ sutvā | With-the-ear, sounds (he) hears.
ghānena gandhaṃ ghāyitvā | With-the-nose, odors (he) smells.
jivhāya rasaṃ sāyitvā | With-the-tongue, flavors (he) tastes
kāyena phoṭṭhabbaṃ phusitvā | With-the-body, tactile-sensations (he) senses.
manasā dhammaṃ viññāya | With-the-mind, ideas (he) cognizes.

SN 56.11 The First Sermon, 1st NT has coventional aspects
SN 56.13 bare 4NT STED def, 1st NT just 5uk (pañc-upādānak-khandhā)
SN 56.14 same as 56.13, except 1st NT is 6 sense bases instead of 5uk

relationship between dukkha and loka (world)

AN 4.46 “I say, friend, that by traveling one cannot know, see, or reach that end of the world where one is not born, does not grow old and die, does not pass away and get reborn. Yet I say that without having reached the end of the world there is no making an end of suffering. It is in this fathom-long body endowed with perception and mind that I proclaim (1) the world, (2) the origin of the world, (3) the cessation of the world, and (4) the way leading to the cessation of the world.” [49] 300The end of the world can never be reached by means of traveling [across the world]; yet without reaching the world’s end there is no release from suffering. 

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