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(31) un-attractive [body parts]

Note: This page deals specifically with meditation on 31 body parts. For broader treatment of a-subha (un-attractive) meditations,

See a-subha 🧟‍


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It's only as hard as you make it

A toolkit for destroying lust and passion for sensuality kāma 💘💃‍sensuality, sensual pleasures, lust and 5kg5kg kāma-guṇā: sensuality strings, desirable visible form, sounds, etc.

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🔗 AN 7.51 so you think working out at the gym is healthy and harmless?
🔗MN 13 helpful images: gratification, drawback, escape from 5kg, rūpa, and vedana
SN 35.127 1. see as mom, sister, daughter. 2. asubha is 31asb, but all i see is subha. 3. guard sense doors
AN 5.36
AN 5.75 AN 5.76 warrior
MN 54 similes for disadvantages of kama
AN 5.55 mother son incest

☸ Lucid 24.org 🐘🐾‍a-p-pamāda 🐘🐾‍ = assiduity. Assiduous practice of ☸Dharma for Nirvana