The Raft: Book 2

2017 february complete
2014 work in progress

Book Introduction

What is more important than the raft?
What has priority over the raft?
It’s your best friend.
It never lies to you,
never cheats you,
never harms you.
If you take care of it,
keep it in mind always,
it will take you to the island.
The raft is on your mind 24/7 (all the time).
You wake up, thinking raft,
you go to sleep thinking raft.
It’s your first,
your last,
your everything.


ānā-pānas-sati-samādhi not just for cutting off unwanted thinking (SN 54.9)

Seyyathāpi, bhikkhave,
"Just-as, monks,
gimhānaṃ pacchime māse
(in the) summer, (the) last month [of the hot season],
ūhataṃ rajojallaṃ,
up-swirls (a mass of) dust-and-dirt,
tamenaṃ mahā-akāla-megho
then (a) great-out-of-season-rain-cloud
ṭhānaso antaradhāpeti vūpasameti;
immediately disperses (and) relieves (it);
evameva kho, bhikkhave,
Like that, monks,
bhāvito bahulī-kato
(when) developed (and) abundantly-pursued,
santo ceva paṇīto ca
(is) peaceful and exquisite **,
asecanako ca sukho ca vihāro
sublime (and a) pleasant ** dwelling.
uppann-uppanne pāpake a-kusale dhamme
any-arisen evil un-skilfull qualities (he)
ṭhānaso antaradhāpeti vūpasameti.
immediately disperses (and) relieves (it);

Chapter 1: Right View

SN 35.28 Āditta Sutta

Chapter 2: Right Resolve

AN 10.48 pabbajit-ābhiṇha-suttaṃ: gone-forth-frequenty-discourse
8.4 ānanda-discourse
KN Snp 1.8 Metta Sutta

Chapter 3: Right Speech

STED sammā-vācā

STED right-speech
musāvādā veramaṇī,
lying; abstaining (from it)
pisuṇāya vācāya veramaṇī,
Divisive-speech; abstaining (from it)
pharusāya vācāya veramaṇī,
Abusive-speech; abstaining (from it)
samphappalāpā veramaṇī —
Idle-chatter; abstaining (from it)

Chapter 4: Right Action

STED right-action
Pāṇā-atipātā veramaṇī,
Life-attacking(, killing); abstaining (from it)
Adinnā-dānā veramaṇī,
stealing; abstaining (from it)
A-brahmacariyā veramaṇī —
Un-chastity; abstaining (from it)

Chapter 5: Right Livelihood

STED sammā-ājīvo

STED right-livelihood
Micchā-ājīvaṃ pahāya
Wrong-livehihood; having-abandoned,
Sammā-ājīvena jīvitaṃ kappeti —
Right-livelihood; lives accordingly

Chapter 6: Right Effort

Verses from 'A Single Excellent Night'

MN 131 Bhadd-eka-ratta-sutta (Gāthā)
MN 131 auspicious-single-night-discourse (verses)
“Atītaṃ nānvāgameyya,
“(The) Past, (one) should-not-chase.
Nap-paṭi-kaṅkhe an-āgataṃ;
Nor-have-expectations [for time] not-arrived (yet).
Yad-atītaṃ pahīnaṃ taṃ,
That-past (has been) left-behind.
appattañca an-āgataṃ.
Un-attained (is the) not-yet-arrived [future].
Pacc-uppannañ-ca yo dhammaṃ,
[Presently]-arisen-** ** phenomena,
Tattha tattha vipassati;
[right]-there, [right-there] he-sees [insightfully].
A-saṃhīraṃ a-saṃkuppaṃ,
Im-movable, un-shakeable,
Taṃ vidvā manubrūhaye.
That is how you develop the heart.
Ajjeva kiccam-ātappaṃ,
Today, (in one’s)-duties-(one should)-ardently-strive.
ko jaññā maraṇaṃ suve;
who knows [if] death [comes] tomorrow?
Na hi no saṅgaraṃ tena,
** indeed no bargain can-be-made
mahāsenena maccunā.
(with the) great-army (of) death.
Evaṃ-vihāriṃ ātāpiṃ,
Thus-dwelling ardently,
Taṃ ve bhadd-eka-ratto-ti,
that indeed (is) {one}-auspicious-night,
santo ācikkhate muni.
(the) peaceful ******** sage {declared}.

Chapter 7: Right Mindfulness

AN 6.20 dutiya-maraṇas-sati-suttaṃ : Always mindful of death!
SN 46.2 Kāya-sutta: (the) body-discourse
SN 46.3 Sīla-sutta: Virtue discourse

Chapter 8: Right Concentration

SN 51.12 mahap-phala-suttaṃ: great-fruit-discourse

Chapter 9: Nine attainments & Nirvana

SN 54.8 Dīpa: The Lamp discourse


AN 4.34 aggap-pasāda-suttaṃ :
AN 4.34 supreme-confidence-discourse
Go with the best, forget the rest.