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Having carefully studied and practiced the teachings of the Buddha, you've become convinced of the efficacy of the Dhamma, the truth of kamma, and a strong conviction in rebirth. Who knows when death will knock on your door? Are you prepared? There's only two rational courses of action for one not yet liberated. Ordain, or become a full time yogi.

In the quest for liberation, you simplify your life to the point where your only possessions consist of one set of clothes, a bowl for eating, a needle and some thread to repair your clothes. No dhamma books, no mp3 players. You're going old school, just like the disciples during the Buddha's time. Whatever dhamma you need to know, you commit it to memory and recite it frequently.

So what's on your raft? Which suttas and sutta excerpts are absolutely essential for Arahantship?

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
(books after 3, don't memorize word for word, memorize main ideas and patterns):
Book 4