4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

Aṅguttara Nikāya

numbered collection

Eleven Nipāta's (book, sections, falling down).
This is an oral tradition, everything is memorized.
Humans have 10 fingers, so the Nipāta's only go to 11.

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AN 1   Ekaka Nipāta: {book of the} Ones
20 (or 31) vaggas, 627 suttas total

AN 2   Duka Nipāta: {book of the} Twos
19 vaggas, 479 suttas. 180-479 are repetition series.

AN 3   Tika Nipāta: {book of the} Threes
18 vaggas, 352 suttas. AN 3.156 and on are repetition series

AN 4   Catukka Nipāta: {book of the} Fours
28 vaggas, 783 suttas. very short or repetition series from 201 on

AN 5   Pañcaka Nipāta: {book of the} Fives
26 vaggas, 1152 suttas, after 250 mostly repetition series

AN 6   Chakka Nipāta: {book of the} Sixes
12 vaggas, 649 suttas. repetition series from 120 on

AN 7   Sattaka Nipāta: {book of the} Sevens
94 suttas unique, remainder 1124 are repetition series

AN 8   Aṭṭhaka Nipāta: {book of the} Eights
~90 suttas that are unique, the rest is repetition series that go up to #627.

AN 9   Navaka Nipāta: {book of the} Nines
432 suttas, 92 unique, remainder repetition series.

AN 10   Dasaka Nipāta: {book of the} Tens
746 suttas, after ~220 are repetition series

AN 11   Ekā-dasaka Nipāta: {book of the} Elevens
1151 suttas, after 21 are repetition series

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